Every Second which passes by is a Second never to be Returned
27th February 2013
The clock ticking away every second in reality is our life passing by and every second which has passed can never return.

Say a person was given a large amount of money to invest for a period of time. Now if the person invests wisely in profitable ventures he will be able to show a profit while if he invests unwisely he will have nothing to show but loss. If the person deposits the money in his bank account and leaves it there he will be able to return the money without a profit or loss.

With time however, the passing of seconds can never return. Every second is therefore precious and not to be wasted. If one was to ask the youth who have had a week’s holiday, how much time was spent beneficially and how much in futility it will be found that most of the week had been spent in futility. The following three advices are found to be very beneficial regarding spending time constructively.

Making a timetable

Taking stock (Muhaasabbah) - look back at how time was spent. A business man does not continue his business for years on end without taking stock at end of year. If there has been a loss he will try to work out a plan for a bettere return in the next year and if there has been a profit he will make plans of increasing his profit.

Remembrance of death – each second will be valued when one ponders over death and how the Angel of death can appear at any moment.

How does one learn how to value time? Looking at the lives of our elders and pious predecessors it is found that they valued every second to the extent that even the time spent on eating was found to be burdensome as it could have been spent on something more beneficial. Sitting in the company of authentic Scholars and Mashaikh, in their Majaalis (Gatherings), Duroos (lessons) and other programmes will teach us how to value time.

This is from a speech given at Masjid Quba (London) by Mawlana Faisal Meman on the 22nd of February 2013

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12 Apr 2013
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mashaAllah wonderful teachings. May Allah Ta'ala grant us the taufeeq to practice, and reward yourself and Maulana Sahib for sharing this. Aameen.
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