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Why do we desire children?

15th February 2013
All couples desire children and those who have not been blessed with children make earnest du’a to Allah ta’ala for this special blessing but do we ever have an intention of why we desire children? Do we ever even think about it?

What did all the Prophets ‘alayhimus salaam worry about regarding their children? Ibraheem ‘alayhis salaam, Nooh ‘alayhis salaam, Zakariyyah ‘alayhis salaam. Zakariyyah ‘alayhis salaam and his wife had reached old age and it was not possible for them to have children yet they made du’a as for Allah subhaanhau wata’ala nothing is impossible.

All the Prophets desired and asked for virtuous pious children who would keep the Deen alive “Deen ko baaqi rakhe”. Do we even think about this aspect when longing for children and making du’a for them? And once we are blessed with this blessing how much do we worry about the success of their Hereafter as compared to their worldly success?

For children to grow up to become pious young men and women who will live life according to the laws of Allah subhaanahu wata’ala and who will be of those who work to keep the Deen alive it is necessary for the parents to do their Tarbiyah from an early age and to connect them to the pious Ulama and Mashaikh (To take them to the lessons and other programmes organised at Masaajid).

Shaykh Muhammad Ali at Quwwatul Islam (London, 15th February 2013)

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