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Stop Watering It!

2nd November 2012

In Mathnawi Mawlana Jalal uddin Rumi (Allah have mercy on him) gives an excellent example to encourage us to give up all that is sinful right now.

The sinful desires are like seeds of a humongous, foul smelling, full of thorns and fruitless tree. If one follows them and commits the sin it is like watering the seed. It germinates and grows in the middle of a path. If one continues to follow his desires the seedling gets nutrition. It becomes a sapling and eventually a tree.

The leaves, branches and roots spread. And the tree is firmly ‘rooted’.
Being in the middle of a path it is a major obstacle.
Removing it now is not easy. It requires special equipment and expertise.

It would have been very easy to remove the seedling.

Similarly, by giving into sinful desires we nurtures the lower self (nafs) and it becomes stronger each day. We may fool himself ourselves with lame excuses, like it is lesser of the two evils, or it is a norm to do these things nowadays, or it is a phase it will pass, or I will give it up after I graduate or get married or have children, etc.

We procrastinate.

With each passing day the tree of sinful desires (nafs) grows strong, whereas as the sinful individual gets older, loosing the mental sharpness, the emotional vigor and the physical strength as part of the natural aging process..

We have to be wise and not delay. It is easier to give up sins right now.
posted by ummi taalib on 2nd November 2012 - 1 comment


abi dawud wrote on 3 Nov 2012
MashaAllah, really inspired by this article, everynow and then we are tempted to commit sin, this article serve as reminder, May Allah Swt give us strength to not follow our base desire
Blogger's Reply:
Jazaakiallah for taking time to read and aameen to du'a. The article is beautifully put together with the pictures and that was from Ashrafiyya not myself
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