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O My Beloved! How I Wish!

8th October 2012

by Mawlānā Sajid Irshad

I look at the past and delve into your wonderful life of events,
How everything was pre-destined, all that you acquired and spent.
Nothing was coincidental or a mishap, but a blessing from above sent,
Indeed, those were special souls around you who came and went.

I wish I was one of the loyal men around you who had seen your face,
By Allāh ta‘ālā! I would have even loved to be your collyrium bottle in its special case.
How I would have served your feet if I were your blessed sandal’s lace,
Or the blanket which hugged you at night, which you would often embrace.

Alas! If I could have been the splendid moon which you split into two,
Or the single rain cloud which followed and provided shade for you.
If I was the dust on the floor which kissed the sole of your shoe,
I can only dream I was the northern wind which gently passed by you.

The tree which you leant upon during sermons and how it cried,
Or the flowing water of your fingers when the Companions’ radhiyallāhu ‘anhum mouths dried.
Your obedient camel, impressing you during a race when it tried,
I wish I was your wandering donkey who gave its life and died.

The mountains and rocks which would greet you in earnest and joy,
When you sprinkled water lovingly on children and joked with a boy.
O my beloved! Everything about your life I learn and read, I can only enjoy,
My love with your life of wonderful events, I will not allow anyone to destroy.

I wish I was anything as long as I had been in your blessed time,
I would have been so grateful and my fortune would sparkle and shine.
He ta‘ālā has planned for the matter to be this way, and His choice is totally fine,
I am not any of the above mentioned, yet the Master of both worlds is mine.

© Riyādul Jannah (Volume 21 Issue 8/9)
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