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“The Journey is long and Provision very little”

5th October 2012

“Innaddunyaa khuliqat lakum”
Verily the world has been created for you

If we were to contemplate on this Hadith we would realise that the needs of every moment of our day and night has been created for us by Allah subhaanahu wataÂ’ala. There is never any shortage in the air which we breath, the water continues to flow , the animals continues to flourish, the sun, moon and starts appear at their times at the command of Allah subhaanahu wataÂ’ala. Every creation has been created for us and we have been created for the Hereafter.

As humans we should not make the world our objective. We should instead focus on attaining the Hereafter as this is the purpose of our creation. Neither should we be deceived by the world nor fall into neglect due to it. With every second this world is moving away from us while the Hereafter is moving towards us.

As there are two worlds similarly there are two categories of people, one devoted to acquiring the world whose aim is,

“I should be the best,
My possessions, better than the rest”.

And the other devoted to acquiring the Hereafter.

We should be of the category of people who devote themselves to acquiring the Hereafter regarding which Hazrat Ali RA despite being a Sahaabi, used to say, “The journey is long and provision very little.” We should contemplate on the day of Qiyaamat when we shall stand in the court of Allah subhaanahu wata’ala.

Should a person with very little possession and in front of whom lies the long journey to the Hereafter remain negligent of standing in the court of Allah subhaanhahu wataÂ’ala? There are two worlds and we have a choice. Give preference to the everlasting Hereafter and turn your back on this temporary world.

Mawlana Junaid Makda at the At-Taqwa Academy Conference (London 30th September 2012)

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