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Quatable Quotes of the Pious

14th July 2012
Quotes from the speech of Shaykh Qamaruz Zamaan Ilaahaabaadi
Khalifah of Shaykh Shah Wasiullah Sahib

“Do you think you will attain Sukoon (Peace/tranquillity) while committing sins? Only through the remembrance of Allah ta’ala (i.e. following all His commands and refraining from all disobedience) do hearts find peace!”

“If Tabiyat (inclination) is against the Sharee’at (Laws of Allah ta’ala) then make the Sharee’at Maghloob over (Override) Tabiyat.”

“Imaan is the greatest wealth bestowed by Allah ta’ala. Work towards its reaching perfection and make Du’a to remain steadfast upon it. If Imaan is not Kaamil (Perfect) then good deeds equal to a mountain will be of no avail.”

“We have our vision set on our Kamaalaat (Perfections/ Praiseworthy accomplishments), what of the perfection of Allah subhaanahu wata’ala? Kamaal (Worthy of praise) is having our vision set on our shortcomings and imperfections.”

“Imaan (Faith), A’amaal (Deeds) and Akhlaaq (Charachter) were all brought by our Prophet sallallaahu ‘alayhi wasallam. A’amaal are our outer deeds and Akhlaaq are our inner deeds. Our Akhlaaq should be such that no one is inconvenienced.”

London July 2012

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