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Loving hand offered despite our Heedlessness!

28th June 2012
Walking down the road the other day I came across a mother with two small children, a toddler lagging behind without a care in the world and a hyper active 3-4 year old running ahead heedlessly. The poor mother began shouting angrily at the older child to stop running and to be careful while keeping an eye on the toddler behind and urging him to come and hold her hand.

I smiled to myself at the time but this picture stayed with me and I kept thinking how worried the mother was for her two babies, how she became angry at the older one but only for his own safety and how she urged the little one forward offering her hand to him, all out of love for them and to save them from danger.

It made me think of Allah subhaanahu wata’ala Who created us from nothing and blesses us continuously despite our disobedience to Him and Who calls us to His side through His beloved, chosen servants through His sheer Grace and Mercy! Then when with persistent heedlessness we ignore the guiding hand offered to us and run away from Him instead of seeking refuge from danger at His side, (Because it is only at His side that we will find refuge from the storms of His wrath) He puts us through tests and trials apparantly showing His anger, however only so that we are saved from the danger of the eternal fire! It is only to make us turn to Him, to make us aware of Him!
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