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Martyred Heart

17th June 2012

Martyred Heart

My body still has its four limbs
My head is still attached to my neck
I have no gaping wounds to show
My blood still travels within the confines of my body

But Oh Allah!

See this heart of mine
Once it was black like burnt out coal
See the stabs I endured as I kept away from sins
See the scars that remain from the tyranny of others
See the blood covering and dripping off my once blackened heart

My body was not able to fight against your enemies
But my heart valiantly fought against nafs and shaytaan

Accept this heart which injured itself in Your Love and Obedience
For in the end it is the state of my martyred heart which is all I have to show before You in Your Court

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posted by ummi taalib on 17th June 2012 - 0 comments


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