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"Hayaa" Leads to Nothing but Khayr

19th May 2012
A'amaal (Deeds) are present however the Rooh (Soul) of the a'amaal are absent.

Outwardly, Ruku' (Bowing in Salaah), Sajdah (Prostration), Tilaawat (Recitation of the Qur'an) are present however hearts are stained with Kibr (Pride & Arrogance). It is the feeling in the heart that "I am nothing" which leads to one bowing in front of one's Lord and as this feeling increases one wishes to bow down further to lay one's forehead on the ground in prostration. However if the heart is full of pride then the prostration will be done but with the intention of pleasing other than one's Lord.

Hayaa (Bashfulness/Modesty) is the Rooh of deeds which is inculcated within the heart. If Hayaa is present within the heart its effect will fall on the whole body and one will feel shame in front of one's Lord. One will not misuse the eyes to see that which has been prohibited in private or public so much so that even in one's thoughts one will feel Hayaa.

And that is why it is said that Hayaa leads to only Khayr (Goodness). The complete Deen will be set aright with Hayaa in the heart because Hayaa will lead to one fulfilling the rights of the Creator and the rights of the creation.

From the teachings of Shaykh Muhammd Saleem Dhorat (Hafizahullah)
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