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Concern for Islah in Bygone Days

28th April 2012
In bygone days people’s fikr (concern) for islah (rectification) was deep and genuine. They handed themselves over to their chosen Shaykh like a stick in the carpenter’s hand. The stick will not say to the carpenter, “Make me into a table and nota chair”!
“Blind Following” of the Shaykh

In every matter an expert is sought for advice and guidance. One who has no experience has no choice but to blindly follow the expert in any field. Yet for one’s Islah which concerns success or failure in the Hereafter, there are objections raised regarding taking advice from a Shaykh.

A doctor will refer a cancer patient for chemotherapy. It is an established fact that chemotherapy is necessary to treat cancer patients and the doctor is knowledgeable and experienced. Now the patient cannot ask the doctor to cure him without this treatment. Therefore for his own good the patient will have to accept the prescription and blindly follow the doctor’s advice.

Another example is that of a learner driver who on his instructor orders has to indicate in a certain direction. He cannot say that he will not “blindly follow” the instructor. He has no choice but to follow instructions even if it be against his judgement otherwise he will end up harming himself and the instructor.

We give ourselves up to the expert in every field yet we raise objections when it comes to following the instructions of one’s Shaykh. It stands to reason that one does not follow a Shaykh who is seen to be sinful and who advices accordingly. In this case there will be no blind following. This is the reason we are advised to be careful when choosing a Shaykh before making the pledge.

Talk by Shaykh Muhammad Saleem Dhorat (Hafizahullaah)
Majlis of 27 April 2012 (Insha Allah worth listening to the full speech when uploaded: )

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