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Final Moments of Junaid Baghdadi

31st March 2012
During the final moments of his life while on his death-bed he requested for wudhu. He was assisted to make wudhu. When the people forgot to make khilaal of his fingers, he reprimanded them. Khilaal was then made.

He went into Sajdah and wept profusely, they asked: "Why do you weep so much inspite of having worshipped so much?" Hadhrat Junaid said: "I never was so much in need as the present moment."

He then began tilaawat of the Qur'aan Shareef and said: "At this time there is no greater comforter for me than the Qur'aan. I am seeing the ibaadat of my entire life suspended in the air. A strong wind is swaying it. I do not know if this wind is a separator or an uniter (i.e. separating man from Allah or uniting him with Allah). On the other side I am observing Malakul Maut, the Siraat and the Just Judge. I do not know which way I will be commanded to go."

He recited 70 aayaat of Surah Baqarah and then lapsed into the state of Sakaraat (death throes). When people persisted that he recite 'Allah, Allah', he responded: "I have not forgotten Him." He commenced thikr and counting on his fingers the number of times. When he reached the Kalimah finger (forefinger) of his right hand, he raised it and recited Bismillahir . . . He closed his eyes for the last time.

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