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Thank You O Allah, For Imaan!

29th March 2012

A Story of One Who Was Not What He Seemed

Someone passed by a pious man whom he took for a Jew, and , therefore, struck him on the neck. The latter bestowed his robe upon the aggressor, who, becoming ashamed, remarked, “I acted wrongly and thou hast forgiven me. But what
occasion is this for a gift?”

“I stood not up in anger,” was the reply, “being thankful that I was not a Jew, as thou didst suppose."

Evils of Pride

A theologian passed by a drunkard who had fallen by the wayside. Filled with pride at his own piety, he disdained even to regard him. The young man raises his head and said, “Go, old man, and give thanks that thou art in the Divine favour—misfortune comes from pride. Laugh not when thou seest one in bonds lest thou likewise became involved. After all, is it not within the bounds of possibility that tomorrow thou mayest fall, like me, by the roadside?”

If with a mosque the heavens have befriended thee, revile not them that worship in the fire temple.

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