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3rd May 2010
Shaykh Ashraf Ali Thaanwi (R)
A Simple Step for Islaah

appeared in "Tarbiyatus Saalikeen"
published by Mufti Zubair Dudha - Islamic Tarbiyah Academy

Leave name and fame. I have a method that will not decrease your fame nor will your income decrease. Whatever you are earning, continue to earn it. Whichever condition you are in, remain in that condition. I am not giving permission for sin, but I am giving a sincere way for repentance. So that, if there is no qualified islaah (reformation), fine, but at least it will be better than pitfalls. Make some improvement at least. If you do not take medicine, at least save from harmful foods.

If you’re a weak patient, then a sympathetic doctor can accommodate you to some degree. So that you can put away the medicine for awhile and temporarily tell you such a cure from which the disease will not increase. This method will have to be used to for change in your current condition. So, for the time being, I will also relate such a spiritual cure. There will not be any loss in your business, your income will not decrease, and there will be no difference in your dignity and prestige. Although you won’t become healthy from this cure, but the disease will also not increase. Then, insha’Allah, at some point or another, your condition will resolve itself and you will regain complete health insha’Allah. I can relate such a cure in which there is definitely no harm to your worldly life, while there will be a definite improvement in your Deen insha’Allah. Although it will not be the highest quality of improvement, but it is better than nothing.

That cure is this, that every day, eat as you are eating, but before you sleep, not in the Masjid, rather at the place where you sleep and have solitude, even turn off the light so that no one sees you and there is no noise – read 2 rakat of nafl Salah with the intention of repentance and read this du’a,

“Oh Allah! I am your extremely disobedient servant. I make the intention of obedience but nothing can happen with my intention while everything can happen with Your intention.
I want my islah to be done but I never build up enough strength. My islah is all in your control.
Oh Allah! I am extremely incompetent, and extremely evil, and an extreme sinner. I am becoming hopeless – help me! My heart is weak. I don’t have the strength to save myself from sins. Provide the means of my forgiveness from the unseen."

For at least 10 minutes, repent in this way. And also say the following:

“Oh Allah! All the sins that I have committed thus far, through your Mercy, forgive them.
Although I don’t promise that I will not do these sins again, I know I will do them again, but I will have them forgiven again."

So, ask for forgiveness of your sins everyday in this way and show your helplessness openly. And make du’a for your islah and mention your incompetence strongly with your own tongue.

“I am so incompetent, I am so evil and such a terrible person”

Admit yourself to be awful in front of Allah. Do this for just 10 minutes every night.

Look, you don’t have to drink any medicine, you don’t have to stop your carelessness, just perform this little solution before you sleep. You will see that after some days, from the unseen, there will see the means for your strength to have increased without any decrease in your dignity and fame nor there any hardship to get there.
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