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For the True Lovers in Search of the Beloved

20th April 2010

The heart is made for loving;
Be it with a stone, a God or someone else.
There is no tranquillity without loving.
The heart is the ocean of love; love is its act,
Guard it a thousand ways; it will still fall in love.
That flower is no flower which does not have a pleasant fragrance
and that heart is no heart which lacks Allah’s love and remembrance.
True love entails that remembrance of the Beloved be not restricted to special gatherings only.
A true lover is far too restless to wait for such occasions (Attarbiyyah)
If the thirsty are in search of water then water too is in search of the thirsty
Neither the doors nor the walls of the beloved satisfy my quest for the beloved.
You will not win the Beloved’s heart unless you loose your own.
Only they will get Him who have a thirst,
Only they will find Him who seek Him. (Abul Hayy Aarifi)
The call to love was issued throughout the worlds,
Yet he whom the Beloved Himself loved, was granted the remembrance of the Beloved.
The traveller on the path of love, are two;
The seeker, whose progress is based on his own effort and worship and
The sought, one whom the Beloved Himself wishes to draw near to Him.
Sign of a sincere lover:
Musk emanates a scent by itself,
It needs not the seller to describe it.
True love is to find trifling that which is given from oneself to the Beloved, even though it is great
and to find great that which is received from the Beloved, even if it is miniscule.
Shaykh Zulfiqar on expressing love for Allah:
“How can this beauty be compressed into the structure of words?
I fear that Your perfection be not insulted”
The crux of the beginning and end of life, its origin and destination is love for Allah;
Love is the beginning, love is the end, love is everything.
Love is the branch, love is the tree, love is the flower.
In a nurturing environment, the seed of Allah’s love flourishes and blooms giving off a beautiful fragrance;
One knows not the colour and scent of this pleasant flower that attracts every bird in the garden toward it.
Anything even mildly related to the Beloved cannot be anything but beloved.
The case of the seeker of Allah should be such that the closer he gets, the more intense should be his longing;
“The lips are parched with thirst in spite of standing on the banks of the river”
Thikr has a beginning and an ending; the beginning is love and ending is love. (Ghazali)
Lover and beloved, the rememberer and the remembered,
are always in each other’s company, always together
To attain love, seeing the beloved is not necessary.
Yes, constant remembrance is necessary (Shaykh Masihullah Khan)
This heart is for Allah!
“O my Beloved! Show me the path of love.
For I perceive the path of worship to be a long and arduous one”
There is only one way to find Him,
Seek the road from those who have already found Him (Abdul Hay Aarifi)
“Love alone teaches the ways of love” (Fazaile Hajj)

اِنَّ الْمُحِبَّ لِمَنْ يُّحِبُّ مُطِيْعٌ
Verily, the lover submits to his beloved (Fazaile a’maal)

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