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5th April 2010
From a collection of short sayings of Shaykh Muhammad Saleem Dhorat (hafizahullah)
compiled by Shaykh Yahyaa ‘Ali

“Any good that exists in the heart will make its effect apparent, just as a bottle of musk emits its fragrance”

“It is not possible to aim without a target, so make Allah your target and then aim”

“Deen is not about doing things to please yourself;
Deen is about pleasing Allah subhaanahu wata’ala”

“Detaching yourself from the love of the world will attach you to the love of Allah.”

“Allah puts humans through trials to wake them up from their slumber, so that they mend their ways.”

“Not all those who are well-known are accepted in the eyes of Allah,
and not all those who are accepted in the eyes of Allah are well-known”

“For a religious person to feel he has no need to sit in the company of the Ulama is a sign that he is not really religious.”

Allah has made certain things obligatory. He first gave humans the ability to carry them out, and then ordered them to do them. If it wasn’t possible to do them, He would not have made them obligatory.”

“The only path to tazkiyah (self rectification) is mujaahadah (striving); thikr and the company of one’s Shaykh assist in this.”

“By committing a sin once, the urge to commit that sin again will double.”

“Hate the sickness in a person, not the sick person himself;
Hate the bad qualities is a person not the person himself”

“Islam teaches us to fulfil rights, not to demand rights.”

“Nobody is really free; either you are a slave of Allah or of your nafs.”

A sign that you are on the path to reaching Allah is that you feel a longing to talk to Allah.”

“Evil always has a far greater effect than good, just as a single drop of impurity spoils a whole container of clean water.”

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