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22nd March 2010
This is the story of a man of a previous ummah who was a great worshipper. Jibraeel related to our Prophet sallallaahu ‘alayhi wasallam that such was his devotion to worship, that he made du’a to be given the opportunity to be able to worship Allah subhaanahu wata’ala in total seclusion. His du’a was accepted and he found himself on a remote island where Allah subhaanahu wata’ala provided him with a pomegranate tree and a spring of sweet water. Here he lived, ate and drank and spent all his time in worship.

When he grew old he once again made du’a. This time he prayed for death in the state of prostration and his body remaining in this posture till the Day of Judgement and to be resurrected in this very condition. So he remains till today (no one knows where), in the posture of prostration and Jibraeel said that even the Angels who saw him as they passed him by were envious of him.

On the Day of Judgement Allah subhaanahu wata’ala will call on this worshipper and tell him to enter Jannah through His grace. At this the worshipper will ask about his years of devotion to the extent that he had died in the state of worship. He will ask why no mention is made of a lifetime of worship. Surely that counted toward his entry into Jannah. Allah subhaanahu wata’ala will then decide to take account. The Angels will be ordered to take him close to Jahannam which they will do. Being so close to the fire will make the worshipper thirsty and he will ask the Angels for water to drink. They will ask for permission and it will be granted however he will be asked how much of the rewards he had in his book of deeds was he willing to give in exchange for the glass of water as the price was all the reward he had in his book of deeds. Intense thirst will compel him to agree to the exchange and so he will have nothing left.

Standing in front of Allah subhaanahu wata’ala, empty of a lifetime’s worth of worship, full of shame, he will ask Allah to grant him entry into Jannah through His grace. Allah will then say, “O my slave, who gave you life and who granted you the desire to worship in total seclusion and provided you with sustenance on that remote island and then who granted you the desire to die in the state of worship? All that was My grace upon you and that is the reason I told you to enter Jannah by My grace”.

Zoon Noon Misri relates the observance of one of his devotees.

A state of ecstasy had overtaken a person and he was roaming around in this state. He passed by a house where a mother was severely scolding her child. She was so angry that she slapped him and then told him to go where he pleased and shut the door. The person observed the child who was very upset and crying wretchedly. He started walking away as if to state that he didn’t need his mother. He roamed around from one place to another and eventually returned to his home. He sat down by the door and crying and wailing said, “Oh my mother, if you close the door on your beloved child who is there who will open their door to me and if you push me away from you who is there who will take me close and hold me and if you remain angry with me who is there who will show mercy to me?”

At this the mother opened the door, looked at her child sitting in the dust crying. She gathered him close to her breast, kissed him and said, “My child, you are the coolness of my eyes. It was you who made me do what I did (i.e. by your misbehavior). If you listen to me I would never punish you. I had to do what I did so that you would come back realising this very fact”.

This unfolding tale made the observer think that just as the mother’s love compelled her to hold the errant child close to her heart so what to say about the mercy of Allah subhaanahu wata’ala toward His slaves? The child knew he had nowhere to go and no one to turn to except his mother even if she punished him. If he became dirty only she would clean him up. Similarly whose door do we knock on and ask for forgiveness except our Creator and Sustainer?

“Fafirru ilallaah”
Then flee to Allah
(Suratuz Zaariyaat, verse 50)

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