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11th March 2010
(From the lectures of Shaykh Muhammad Saleem Dhorat)

A hadeeth of our beloved Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu ‘alayhi wasallam:

“The example of the scholar who teaches the people good things but forgets himself is that of a lantern,
it gives light to the people but burns itself out.” Tabrani

A jewellery case is only valuable with jewels in it, otherwise it has no value. Similarly the heart will only be valuable if there is love for Allah Ta’ala within, otherwise it is just a lump of flesh.

Loss & Gain
Performing good deeds is a means of benefiting spiritually, however this benefit is lost if one commits sins thereafter. For example a person goes out to perform salaat at the Masjid which is a good deed, however on the way back he commits sin by backbiting someone or by glancing at non mahram women. This causes loss of the spiritual benefit. It is as though one has the heating on full blast, however the doors and windows are wide open. This will cause loss of the heat and the room will remain cold.

Various Shari’ats
Allah subhaanahu wata’ala has sent many Prophets to various peoples at different times. The Shari’at of each Prophet was according to the need of the time. Just as the clothes of a two year old would be unsuitable at the age of five, so the Shari’at of a previous Prophet would be unsuitable for another people in another time. Then just as when a child stops growing and the clothes remain the same size, so similarly the Shari’at of Muhammad sallallaahu ‘alayhi wasallam, the final Prophet, remains the same for all time to come. There is no need for change (as some people demand) because it is suited to all places and time.

Its How One Uses Wealth
A knife in itself is not good or bad. If a knife is used to kill an animal and the meat is distributed to the poor then it is good and if it is used to kill a person then it is bad. Similarly wealth itself is not good or bad, it is how one uses it which is beneficial or detrimental.

Love for the Dunya
A great house without a toilet is useless making the toilet an absolute necessity. However one does not love it. Similarly, the dunya is a necessity, one must not have love for it.

Success or Failure
A student who fears failing his final examination will exert effort in his studies and success will be guaranteed. On the other hand a student who is complacent about his results or has hope that the examiner will somehow pass him or one who knows that he could fail but promises himself he will study just before the examination will not exert effort and the outcome will be doubtful. Similarly one who has no fear of standing in front of his Lord and give an account of his actions will not exert effort and prepare for it; he will be immersed in the pursuit of the world.

Imaan Means Tests
When one becomes a student of a Madrasah or a college/university then it follows that he will have to sit for examinations which will determine his success or failure. Similarly on accepting Imaan it follows that one will be tested; if there is sabr (patience), tawakkul (reliance on Allah subhaanahu wata’ala) and acceptance of His decree, then success in Imaan is guaranteed.

Differences of Opinion
Some people, due to the existence of differences of opinion, use it as an excuse to opt out of practicing on Deeni matters. When one is ill and doctors differ in their diagnosis, one does not sit back and refuse treatment. One will research the status, experience etc. of various doctors and specialists and on reaching a satisfactory conclusion about a particular specialist, one will go ahead with treatment. Similarly, on Deeni matters one should try one’s utmost to find out the correct opinion and thereafter act upon it.

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