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6th March 2010
Three men were sitting leaning against a wall when suddenly a pious looking man ran over shouting that the wall was about to collapse and the men hastily managed to move away before it came tumbling down. Gratefully they turned towards the stranger and asked who he was. He replied that he was Shaytaan and this was his good deed which was the effect of his days spent with the Angels. Being aware that Shaytaan was an open enemy the men were astonished and they insisted on being told the real reason. Eventually Shaytaan relented and revealed the real reason for saving them. He said that he had saved them because when he saw from a distance that the wall was about to collapse, he realised that if the men died they would attain the stage of martyrdom!

A King once invited a pious saint to live with him in his palace. On being asked why, the King replied that he would benefit from him spiritually and the saint would have a comfortable place to live. The saint asked what would happen if he flirted with the Queen. At this the King became angry and said, “Do you feel no shame? If anything like that happened I would have your head cut off with a sword!”

The saint smiled and said, “You promise punishment before the sin is even committed. My King promises forgiveness. Why should I leave Him for you?”

Mansoor ibn Ammaar was a great Shaykh and during his time there lived a rich man who enjoyed the good life. One day he gave his servant 4 dinar and told him to buy necessary items for a party that evening. The servant obediently went toward the bazaar, however along the way he noticed a huge crowd outside the house of the great Shaykh. He stopped as he heard the Shaykh saying there was a beggar in need of 4 dinar and the Shaykh would make 4 du’a for whoever gave him the money.

The servant immediately gave away the 4 dinar which his master had given him and requested the Shaykh to make the following 4 du’a:
1. For what he had given he wished to be recompensed in this world so that he could pay back his master
2. He wished Allah ta’ala would give his master the tawfeeq (guidance) to set him free
3. He wished his master would be granted the tawfeeq to repent from his evil ways
4. Finally, he himself, his master, the Shaykh and all those present be forgiven

He returned home empty handed and upon being questioned he related the whole incident. On being told about the first du’a his master gave him 4000 dinar and upon the second du’a he was freed from slavery. On being told about the third du’a his master repented and on the last du’a he turned his face towards the sky and prayed, “O Allah, I’ve done what was in my power. This last thing is in your power”. He then fell into prostration and crying, he repented.

That night in his sleep he was told that he, along with his servant, Mansoor ibn Ammaar and all those present at his house were forgiven.....

An oppressor once passed by a poor man fishing and just then he caught a big fish which would have sufficed his family. The oppressor immediately demanded the fish be given to him. The poor man tried to convince him of his family’s need but to no avail. The fish was forcefully taken from him. The fish was still alive and as he took it, it bit the oppressor’s thumb. He went home not paying attention to the slight pain and gave the fish to his wife.

That night the pain became unbearable, so much so that he did not sleep all night. In the morning his thumb had swollen and he rushed to the doctor. He was advised to have the thumb amputated. He agreed to this only to find that the next night his hand was in just as much pain. Upon his visit to the doctor he was advised to have his hand cut off. This was not the end to the pain because it continued and he ended up loosing his whole arm.

Someone asked what happened to his arm and he told him the whole sorry story. The person asked him to think back and find the reason for this punishment. Acting on this advice he realised it was the fish he had forcefully taken from the poor man. He immediately went to him and begged for forgiveness. The poor man forgave him and on being asked how he had felt at the time the fish was snatched from him, he said no words could describe his grief. He had cried out to Allah ‘azza wajall to show him His power against the one who had deprived his family of their sustenance.

A King, while on his travels, became lost in a jungle and eventually found a hut wherein lived a poor man. He welcomed the King and invited him to stay with him and for the time the King stayed with him, he was the perfect host. At the time of his departure the King said that if he was ever in the vicinity of the palace, he was most welcome to come and stay with him.

After some time the poor man happened to be in the city and he remembered the King’s invitation. He decided to pay the King a visit who was very pleased to see him and he welcomed his guest saying he was to be treated as a special guest for three days and thereafter if there was anything he could do for him then the King would be pleased to oblige. For the next three days the villager enjoyed his stay. At the end of the three days the minister took him to the King. Since he was busy in Salaat the minister asked him to take a seat and wait till the King finished. After some time the King ended his Salaat, lifted his hands and while crying, started making du’a. The guest was not familiar with any of this and so enquired as to what the King was doing. The minister explained that the King was asking the King of Kings for his needs. At this the villager got up and started leaving. The minister asked him the reason and the reply was, “Why don’t I make direct contact with that King since this King is himself dependant upon Him?” and so saying, he left.
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