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Reality of the Scales

27th November 2011
The Day of Judgement and the Meezaan (Scales) are inevitable. Question is, are we prepared for it and will the scales tip in our favour?

Imam Muhammad ibn Isma’eel al- Bukhari’s book of Hadeeth begins with a Hadeeth on Ikhlaas (Intentions) and ends with mention of the Scales. He presents us a collection of Ahaadeeth concerning every aspect of our lives from Tahaarat (Purity), Salaah, Hajj, Zakaat, Sawm to aspects which deal with our daily lives.

Shaykh Muhammad Saleem Dhorat (Hafizahullaah) explained in a few words at the completion of Bukhari Shareef today in London that it is actions which will be weighed in the scales and for actions to be weighty, two things are necessary; Ikhlaas (correct intentions) and Ittiba-e-Sunnat (actions to be according to the Sunnah method).

Imam Bukhari (Rahimahullah) has in reality shown us the complete Deen which if acted upon in its entirety with Ikhlaas and according to the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet sallallaahu ‘alayhi wasallam then the scales are guaranteed to tip in our favour leading to success and this was part of his message to the students today.

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