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If Only.....

16th November 2011

For the Cricket player :
When he is caught he says to himself: If only I had played that ball down.

For the Football player :
When he misses a chance to score a goal, he says to himself: If only I had scored.

For the Businessman :
When he misses out on a good business deal he says to himself: If only I took advantage of that deal.

For the Student :
When he is writing an exam, wherein he does not know what is happening he says to himself: If only I had studied for the exams.

Similarly for everyone who makes a mistake and when he realizes his mistakes, he says to
If only I …

We find in all the above instances, the person involved will always receive another batting, scoring or studying chance wherein he will manage to rectify any errors committed.

However in one instance there is not going to be another chance i.e. The Day of Qiyãmah (Resurrection). Where a person will see the true reality of Jannah and Jahannum. And he will say to himself :
If only… If only… If only…

From: At Tarbiyah (Published by Islamic Tarbiyah Academy)
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