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8th February 2010

Shaykh Byyazid Bustaami was a great Wali of Allah subhaanahu wata’ala. After his death a person saw him in a dream and enquired about the outcome. The great Shaykh narrated the following:

“I was made to stand in front of Allah subhaanahu wata’ala Who asked what I had brought with me. I thought back to the many good deeds I had performed, however none of them seemed worthy of presenting in the court of Allah as they all appeared deficient. Finally I thought of Tawheed. I decided to offer this as I felt I had worshipped none other than Allah subhaanahu wata’ala and I had held the firm belief that He alone was the One Who benefited or caused loss. I therefore presented Tawheed only to find Allah subhaanahu wata’ala angrily saying, ‘Do you feel no embarrassment? Have you forgotten the night you drank milk before going to bed which was not your usual habit, and when you ended up having stomach pains, you visited the doctor and you attributed the milk to the stomachache?’

I certainly remembered the incident. However Allah subhaanahu wata’ala did enter me into Jannah due to another incident of which I was reminded. Once on a cold morning I had woken up for Fajr Salaat. Removing my shawl, I left it on the ground while I performed wudhu. As I was about to pick up the shawl I noticed that a cat had climbed on it and fallen asleep. Since I needed it to go to the Masjid, I cut the shawl around the cat so as not to disturb it”.

This small, seemingly insignificant act had gained the great Shaykh high stages in Jannah.

Shaykh Bihsr Haafi rahmatullaahi ‘alayhi was prone to drinking alcohol. One night, as was his habit, he was on his way to get drunk when he noticed a piece of paper with what appeared to be some Arabic writing on it in the dirt. He picked it up. Realising it was the name of Allah, he cleaned it, bought some perfume with the money he had for drink and then went home. He perfumed the paper, wrapped it in a clean cloth and put it safely away on a high shelf. As he had no money for his drink he went to sleep.

That night in a dream a voice said, “Oh Bishr, as you have elevated My name, so I shall elevate your name in the world and in the Hereafter”. Bishr Haafi was guided to repent from his evil ways and thereafter granted such a high stage that the great Muhaddith and Faqih, Imam Ahmed ibn Hambal, used to stand up out of respect when Bishr Haafi entered, and to this day his name is taken with respect.

Shaykh Saadi, being in a state of poverty, was once walking without any slippers. Suddenly the thought occurred that here he was, working all day for the sake of Allah’s Deen, and he had no shoes while the sinners and trangressors had shoes on their feet. Being a special servant of Allah subhaanahu wata’alaa, he was soon shown his error.

He entered the masjid and noticed a begger. Shaykh Saadi walked over toward him with the intention of giving him something and as he approached the beggar, he realised that the poor man did not have any legs. Immediately the great Shaykh realised his erroneous reaction and fell into prostration in repentance.

Hazrat Luqmaan was a devoted slave and his master showed his affection by sometimes cutting some fruit and feeding him. One day the master cut some fruit and as was his practice, fed his devoted slave. Towards the end the master himself had a piece and immedietly spat it out. He scolded Luqmaan for eating the sour tasting fruit without saying anything. At this Luqmaan replied that his master always fed him sweet fruits and so he felt embarrassed about complaining.

Our Lord and Master has showered us with countless blessings. So much so that we are drowning in them. Yet how we complain at even the slightest discomfort!

A debate had been arranged between an atheist and the great Faqih, Imam Abu Haneefah ra for which many people had gathered waiting in anticipation. The great Imam appeared quite late and apologising profusely he offered an explanation.

He explained that he was on the other side of the river and there was no boat available to cross over. Quite worried about the appointment he decided to swim across. Quite suddenly a tree fell, the wood became planks, they joined each other and a boat appeared. He said he climbed in and it started moving and he safely crossed the river.

At this explanation the atheist, quite angry at what appeared to be a ridiculous story, called the Imam foolish and asked how something like that could ever happen. The Imam very calmly said, “Well, this concludes the debate. If you cannot believe that such a simple thing can happen by itself, then how can you accept that the whole universe and the entire creation is created and run by its self?”

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Great and nice real stories. Thanks
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