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An Eye-opener

19th November 2009
Shaykh Muhammad Saleem Dhorat explained some verses of the Glorious Qur’an which were an eye-opener and a stark reality facing the Muslim ummah today. With all my shortcomings and limited understanding I am going to try and convey his message and I pray that it becomes a means of our rectification and attaining Allah Ta’aala’s pleasure for all of us. Aameen

The verses, according to my understanding, refer to a village which was blessed by Allah Ta’aala with aman (peace), ‘aafiyat (safety) and abundant rizq (provision) from all sides. One doesn’t need anything else if one can live without any fear of any form, good health and enough to fill one’s stomach.

This was exactly our condition here in England until recently. Shaykh said that today Muslims feel fear (regardless of whether there is anything to fear or not). Illnesses, anxieties, worries etc are on such an increase that every household is affected. There was a time when Muslims felt no fear and if a person was affected by a simple thing like flue it was a major thing for the community, whereas today if we are told someone has been affected by cancer, it is nothing major! Hadrat then said that we still have abundant rizq……but what if we were deprived of this blessing and were left in poverty and need as well?

Why were the people of the village deprived of the blessings of aman, ‘aafiyat and abundant rizq? The cause was disobedience to Allah Ta’aala, and this very disobedience is the cause of our plight today. In fact it is due to the love our Allah has for us that He sends us these anxieties and worries, beckoning us towards Him, trying to save us from the path of destruction that we seem to have chosen.

We need to open our eyes and look deep within ourselves instead of pointing the finger at others, and we need to rectify our selves with the help of a Shaykh and live by the Qur’an and the beautiful way shown by our beloved Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu ‘alayhi wasallam. May Allah Ta’aala grant us His protection from every calamity and may He turn all our fears into peace, aameen.

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