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19th October 2009

Precious advices taken from the teachings of various Scholars

Shaykh Muhammad Saleem Dhorat

During Hajj become an “aashiq” – a lover

At the time of making du’a when first sighting the Ka’bah, ask Allah subhaanahu wata’alaa to accept all the du’a made at other places during the Hajj and Ziyaarat. Also ask to be given all that the Awliyaa (friends of Allah) asked for at this time.

Hajj would be easy if everyone performed it with discipline and at all times gave preference to others. Then there would no need for the Saudi government to provide so many facilities. On the other hand no matter how many facilities the government provided to make things easy for the Hujjaj, there will still be hardship if there is no discipline or concern for others.

We should not visit the Haramayn to just perform abundant worship but rather our purpose on the performance of Umrah and Hajj should be to make tawbah for our past sins and thereafter change our lives

When throwing the pebbles at the Jamaaraat think that you are actually throwing them at the Shaytaan within you. Think of rectifying yourself and ask Allah subhaanahu wata’alaa to rid the Shaytaan from within you.

Shaykh Riyadhul Haqq

Strengthen relationships during Hajj, do not destroy them

“Travelling is a piece of punishment” – everything is disrupted and even the patient ones are on edge. It’s a great test and sacrifices are necessary. Practice self restraint

Its not just the correct performance of the acts of Hajj which will make Hajj an accepted one. Its also being careful to avoid hurting or harming others, backbiting, slandering, lying, avoiding lewdness etc. All this also has an impact on our Hajj. It destroys the sanctity of a great ‘Ibaadat (act of worship).

“Take Provisions” – i.e. the spiritual provisions along with the material provisions and the best provision is the provision of Taqwaa.

Mawlana E. Adam Sahib (South Africa)
Expressions of Hajj

Ka’bah: everything has a beginning and an ending. The Ka’bah is the end of our journey but it represents the beginning of changes in our lives

Talbiyah: means waiting/standing awake and alert awaiting orders. By reciting the Talbiyah one is proclaiming one’s readiness to serve Allah subhaanahu wata’alaa. It’s a positive commitment to the Deen of Allah subhaanahu wata’alaa.

ZamZam: the drinking of which is an expression of our need for Allah subhaanahu wata’alaa. We are dependant on Him and cannot do without Him

Sa’ee: is the expression of continuous search for Allah subhaanahu wata’alaa as Hajra ran searching for water knowing that Allah subhaanahu wata’alaa will provide it.

‘Arafat: (meeting place) – a place of recognition i.e. recognition of Allah subhaanahu wata’alaa. Recognition of the fact that meeting with Him is inevitable.

“Don’t go to see the Ka’bah,
go to see the Creator of the Ka’bah”

“O Allah, let my actions be accepted as the actions of Hajra were accepted.
O Allah, let my Du’a be accepted as the du’a of Ibraaheem were accepted”

Shaykh Ashraf ‘Ali Thanwi

The acts of Hajj are permeated with love. Love overwhelms intelligence in regard to the acts of Hajj. Without understanding the wisdom of these acts the Muslim, on account of his love for Allah, executes them because of His command.

Shaykh Muhammad Zakariyya Khandalwi

In the same way that a person feels awestruck, and great anxiety overcomes him when presenting himself at the door of a great ruler in answer to his summons, so should a Hajji be filled with fear and anxiety, yet have hope, when answering the summons of Allah. The fear should be that our evil deeds do not prevent our presence from being acceptable.

Note: Fazaile Hajj by Shaykh Zakariyya is recomended for deep inspiration and understanding of the significance of Hajj

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