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In Dedication to Shaykh Yunus Patel Sahib

13th July 2011

The Rose

The moon still shines so brightly
The stars are still twinkling
The sky is clear
Yet a cloud burdens my heart
Weep now, dear sky
For he has now left your loving gaze
No more shall you hear his voice
No more shall you see his face
Treat him with reverence, beloved Earth
For the Creator he truly loved
His heart which burned with His love
Set fire to the blackest of hearts
Oh heart that is bleeding with grief
And oh eyes that are flowing in sorrow
Bear with patience this dire separation
And be thankful for His favours
For He chose for you the guidance
Of a wise and beautiful rose
Even if the rose has gone
Its fragrance still lives on
To remind the seekers left behind
And bring comfort to tearful eyes


Dedicated to Hazrat Moulana Yunus Patel Saheb Rahmatullahi 'Alayh.
May Allah Ta'aala grant him Jannatul Firdaws.

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