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6th October 2009

The great Shaykh along with his many followers was travelling to perform the Hajj when they happened to pass through a village. In need of water they found a well where they made ablution. Shaykh Andalusi however, seemed to be taken by a beautiful young Christian girl who was nearby. So taken with her was the great Shaykh that he ignored his companion’s advice to perform ablution and in fact even refused to continue the journey. With heavy hearts the rest of his group left leaving Shaykh Andalusi behind.

He declared his love for the girl and asked for her hand in marriage upon which the girl’s father said he would have to become a Christian. He did so, married the girl and lived in the village (this of course is not the usual happy ending where they lived happily ever after).

Some time later the Shaykh’s companions returned from Hajj and decided to look up their beloved teacher and mentor. Upon enquiry they were told the Shaykh was to be found on the outskirts of the village looking after pigs. On reaching him they greeted him and enquired about what he remembered from the Qur’an and Hadith. Of the ocean of knowledge he had possessed he remembered one single verse of the Qur’an and one single Hadith. At this they sadly took their leave.

As they travelled out of the village, suddenly they spotted Shaykh Andalusi ahead of them, thoroughly wet as he had just emerged from a nearby stream. They hurried to meet him and found him as before and asked for an explanation. He said that as they had entered the village they had passed a place where some Christians were worshipping the cross and for a second he looked down upon them with the thought that he was better than them. At that instant he said he had felt his iman leaving and they knew the rest of what occurred. After they visited him he had felt regret and Allah subhaanahu wata’aalaa had blessed him with his previous status. He left the village and washed himself in the stream and this is when they had found him. Happily they travelled back home (a scary story with a happy ending)!


Three men while travelling, took shelter in a cave. While they were resting the opening of the cave became blocked, and try as they did, they could not move the rock. Worried, they consulted each other as to what to do. One of them suggested that they should all think of an act done solely for the sake of Allah subhaanahu wata’aalaa and through it means implore His help. They agreed and the first man asked for help through the act of once standing beside his parents’ bedside all night long with a glass of milk as they had fallen asleep before he could get it for them as was his practice. At this the rock moved a little.

The second man beseeched Allah thus, “O Allah, once a person worked for me and he had left before I could hand him his wage. I invested his wage and accumulated much wealth all of which I handed over to him when some time later he came to ask for his wage. The rock moved a little bit more but not enough for them to be able to leave.

The third man said, “O Allah, You know that I was really attracted to a female cousin of mine and once when in dire need she approached me for help. I agreed on the condition that she satisfy my desires. At the moment when I could have satisfied myself she said, “Fear Allah” and I immediately left her”.

This time the rock moved enough for them to leave!

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