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We will test you

27th September 2009
“We will test you”

Allah ta’aalaa sends tests in the form of grief, anxiety, loss of wealth and loved ones etc. to see if we stand by the declaration of love and of being a slave (which we make when we declare the Shahaadah verbally) and whether or not we remain steadfast on His obedience.

“Most definitely We will test you (to see whether you exercise sabr) with a (little) bit of fear, with hunger and with a shortage in wealth, life (the test is by way of illness, death, difficulties) and fruit (produce and products)."
Suratul Baqarah 155

For one who stands firm by saying “Innaa lillaahi wa innaa ilayhi raaji’oon”, and thereafter adopts Taqwa and refrains from His disobedience, His promise stands as follows,

"So give good news (of entering Jannah) to those who exercise sabr.
(Those who exercise sabr are) those who, when any difficulty befalls them
(then instead of complaining) they say,
‘Verily we belong to Allah (and He therefore has the right to treat us as he pleases) and to Him shall we return (after death, when He will reward us for our sabr).

These (people who are patient in difficulties and who abstain from ingratitude) are the ones on whom the combined (favours) and special mercies (bounties) of Allah descend and who are rightly guided."
Suratul Baqarah 156 -157

For those who remain patient on the decree of their Lord, it is as though Allah ta’aalaa is saying to them, ‘Your declaration of being My lover, My slave are true. You have remained true to Me and I certify that you are indeed My lover by bestowing upon you My special favours and bounties and more than that, I make you of those who are rightly guided.

It is those whom Allah ta’aalaa wishes to bring close to Him who are tested with various calamities. Their crying and turning to Him is beloved to Him and are in fact a means of attaining His closeness and elevated stages which are often only attained after much effort and striving.

Therefore when faced with any form of anxiety, fear, loss, grief, calamity, infirmity etc, Shaykh Muhammad Saleem Dhorat advices that it is highly beneficial to remember the following points:

• Do not panic or despair
• Adopt Taqwa and remain steadfast on obedience
• Turn to Allah subhaanahu wata’aalaa for help as He alone has the
power to help and use the means Allah ta’aalaa has granted. The du’a
full of humility and begging for help is beloved to Allah
• Admit that you are deserving of even worse, i.e. I am such that I am
deserving of the earth opening up under me or stones raining down on
me etc. yet You saved me from a worse fate and tested me with less
than what I deserve
• Repent in abundance as this removes difficulties
• Increase thikr and good deeds
• Give charity
• Be grateful for the countless blessings.
• Remember that calamities are not proof of Allah ta’aalaa’s anger, just
as peace and abundant blessings are not proof of His pleasure.
• Remember that Allah is close to those whose hearts are broken and
that when He wishes to bestow khayr (good) on a slave or wishes to
bring him close, He sends down calamities in various forms (often so
much so that one comes out of one calamity only to be faced with

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