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26th March 2011
We tend to act upon only those actions i.e. the Faraaid, which if left out, has the fear of punishment attached. This type of connection is that of fear and not of love.

Allah Ta’ala has rights upon us which are related to His Majesty (Haqq-e-Azmat) and which create fear within us, and those which are related to His Love (Haqq-e-Muhabbat). We should decorate the Faraaid (compulsory actions) with Mustahabbaat (desirable actions) and even A’adaad (etiquettes). The value of the actions will increase in the eyes of Allah Ta’ala just as the value of a house with bare walls and floorboards will increase if decorated with wallpaper, carpets, lighting etc.

From the teachings of Shaykh Muhammad Saleem Dhorat (hafizahullah)
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