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O Sisters!

8th March 2011

Let the Hereafter be your objective, your goal. Who says women cannot attain knowledge or excel in worship? There are examples of great women from the time of the Sahaabiyaat and through the ages where women have excelled in knowledge, worship and spirituality. So make the Aakhirah your objective in whatever you pursue, be it knowledge, worship, rectification etc and even in fulfilling your duties to your husband, children, in laws and in serving humanity at large.

Today women pursue equal rights however it is in worldly matters whereas the Sahaabiyaat and their followers pursued in competing with the men in Deeni matters and matters related to the Hereafter. So don’t grieve and concern yourselves with the luxuries of this world. Compete for the Hereafter.

This was the message from Shaykh Muhammad Saleem Dhorat (hafizahullah) at the Annual Sister’s Gathering at the weekend.

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