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Submission is the Objective

7th March 2011
From the teachings of Shaykh Muhammad Saleem Dhorat (hafizahullah)

Submission is not impossible. When one goes for Hajj and enters the state of ihram, one refrains from the prohibitions of ihram. Using perfume is prohibited, hence one will abstain from using perfume. Then Allah commands the hajji to travel from one place to another, to throw pebbles at the jamaaraat, to sacrifice an animal etc. etc. Each one of these commands are followed without question. The nafs is controlled for all these commands and prohibitions which proves submission is not an impossibility.

The objective is submission to Allah, as Ibraaheem submitted to every command of his Lord. Such submission that he was prepared to sacrifice his son however since killing Ismail was not the objective the knife did not do its work and an animal was sent instead for the sacrifice.

Even today if we created the submission of Ibraaheem, the fire can become a garden.
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