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Different Paths to Allah

5th March 2011
Shaykh Muhammad Saleem Dhorat (hafizahullah) uses the example of a car to explain how we should respect each one of the various fields of Deeni work.

The car is made up of various parts like the steering wheel, tyres, brakes, etc. Now when a driver starts driving the car and the steering wheel thinks, what need is there for the four dirty wheels when it is I who am in the hands of the driver? In reality the car will not even move without the wheels and actually each part compliments the other and necessary for the car to run smoothly.

Similar is the case where the various forms of deeni work compliment each other. Some are busy with Tableegh and Da’wah work while others are busy with teaching. Some are responsible for masaajid while others are working in other fields, each one complementing the other.

No one knows who is accepted in the court of Allah subhaanhu wata’ala. One should not look down on anyone who is not working in the same line of Deeni work. One should continue his own work with sincerity and have the utmost respect for all the different groups of people working for the Deen.

I once heard Shaykh say that these are all different paths leading to Allah subhaanahu wata'lala. One will insha Allah reach one's destination whichever path one chooses.
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