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Oh Messenger of God…(sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam)

2nd March 2011

Oh Messenger of God, Please let me hold your hand
Finer than the most exquisite silk in all the land
And walk in the streets by your side,
For you Oh Master Are my guide

Oh Messenger of God Let me kiss your feet,
For you are GodÂ’s chosen one-his elite,
You behaved like a slave though you were a king,
And you came to bring the desertÂ’s ancient winter into spring.

Oh Messenger of God,WonÂ’t you visit my Home,
So that my family can see you sit and roam,
And we may feed you the best that we have to eat
And provide you shelter from the desertÂ’s heat

Oh Messenger of God , Let me visit your grave
For what am I but your most despicable slave,
But May I rub its dust into my thirsty eyes,
For it is more honoured than the throne above the skies

Oh Messenger on God, Oh Shining Sun,
WonÂ’t you come this way and visit my son,
So that he may Know youÂ’re GodÂ’s Beloved one
And without you creation would not have begun!

Oh Messenger of God would you let?
Me to put into a viol some of your sweat,
If you indeed give me your consent,
I would love to smell your heavenly scent.

Oh Messenger of God you were in the mind of eternity,
And your scent is the best thing in the realm of the olfactory,
And your saliva better than everything gustatory,
GodÂ’s eternal blessings and peace upon thee!

Oh Messenger of God May I bottle your tears?
SO they make take away all my fears,
And every drop that emerged from your noble eyes,
Is for me the greatest prize

Oh Messenger of God May I appeal?
To see between your shoulder blades the seal
Of Prophethood-for you are the last to come
Mirza GhulamÂ’s lies are so insanely dumb

Oh Messenger of God May I see your bravery,
In the battles which removed the world from creationÂ’s slavery
And liberated them from the yokes of the finite realm
Injustice was disgraced and the just Caliphs took to the helm.

Oh Messenger of God May my spouse see your wives,
Their pure and chaste and innocent lives
For they are plagued by fake bollywood models like aishwaria rai,
In an age when unblemished modesty is in short supply

Oh Messenger of God May i see your generosity,
Which you showed to even those who greeted you with ferocity,
To the bedouin man who pulled your shawl
You smiled and gave it to him as the hadeeths recall!

Oh Messenger of God you had no silhouette,
There was no room for darkness in your form, or any regret
You created civilisation though you did not learn to read or write,
For the celestial angel Jibraeel taught you to recite.

Oh Messenger of God may i request ,
When I am stressed or depressed,
You let me visit your city -Madeena THE blessed,
The land which the angels and saints caressed

Oh Messenger of God May I see how you are kind,
When the people of Taif who were spiritually blind.
Pelted you with stones, and caused you to bleed
But you faltered not to preach this eternal creed

Oh messenger of God Let me read your tales
How you looked upon the Lord without any veils
When you went on the miÂ’raj further than Jibraeel could dare
For you oh Beloved are beyond compare!

Oh Messenger of God let me read of your patience
When the Quraysh tried to cast you from the land of the KaÂ’ba
How you remained calm with your noble sahaaba
Expressing not the slightest annoyance

Oh Messenger of God, let me shield your eyes from Saudi Arabia,
The wahhabis have changed your deen of love into tremendous fear
And peace and justice have become an anathema
And they have declared on ahlus sunnah war after war.

Oh Messenger of God let me hide my disgust,
The wahhabis have reduced your noble home to dust,
Where you were born and were you played,
They declare on your relics a great crusade.

Oh Messenger of God, Shall i cover your ears?
Some wahhabis have turned cursing your parents into careers,
In attacking your family they have become skilled engineers
God bless Imam Suyuti for refuting such mutineers

Oh messenger of God let me take you to DeobandÂ’s college
Where even the arab scholars are forced to acknowledge
That they teach your words and your beautiful sacred knowledge
You planted a single seed Oh Beloved- Yet even in Hind we see Foliage!

Oh Messenger of God come into my dreams
So that I may see your glows and gleams
And smell your fragrance in my room
It will take away all my gloom

Oh Messenger of God, let me be from your friends
So that I may Make much amends
I have spent my life in sorrow and sin,
In your sunnah now – a new dawn I begin

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