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8th June 2009
First Advice:
If you wish to become the beloved of Allah
then abstain from the world and do not let it enter your heart.

Shaykh Muhammad Saleem Dhorat explains that the dunya / world which is condemned in the Qur’an and Hadith is not the dunya which is a necessity to life and living i.e. a house for shelter, a car for transport and even savings for a rainy day. In fact a man may be lord over a whole sultanate. Wealth earned and spent in a halal way and which does not enter the heart is permissible.

For example, a person has earned a large amount of money, however unwittingly, he has earned it in a haram way. When told by a Mufti that this money is impermissible for him, he will not use it and he is a “zaahid fid dunya”, i.e. he has abstained from the world. On the other hand a poor person amasses only 5 pounds but in a haram way and keeps it, is a person of the world.

Therefore as long as the dunya remains in the pocket or in a bank account or safe and does not enter the heart of a person, then he is a zaahid fid dunya. If the dunya does become beloved, then let the love of Allah exceed it, i.e. love for the dunya is 48% and love for Allah is 52%. As one strives to attain zuhd, his love for the dunya will decrease and his love for Allah will increase and he will become beloved to Allah.

Striving for the dunya in a permissible way is allowed. Once non-permissible methods of attainment are adopted, then it is the dunya. Zuhd is not about abandoning the family and the earning of halal wealth in favour of living in a cave. A boat is fine as long as it remains on the water. As soon as the water enters the boat, it will sink. Therefore earn the dunya and live it but don’t let it enter the heart or destruction will follow.

If you wish to become beloved to people
then do not crave for what they have

If Allah grants someone wealth, fame, name etc. then mubarak to them. It is when we desire for ourselves what belongs to others that jealousy, anger, conniving, fighting etc. will follow. Be content with what you have and people will be comfortable and happy with you and will love you.

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