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The Good & The Bad

2nd June 2009

Our Prophet sallallaahu ‘alayhi wasallam has described who amongst us are of the “khayr”, i.e. the good, and who amongst us are of the “shar” i.e. the bad.

In one of his inspiring lectures Shaykh Muhammad Saleem Dhorat explains that belief in the Aqaaid as taught by our Prophet sallallaahu ‘alayhi wasallam, makes a person a Believer and from the Believers, some are of the “khayr” and some are of the “shar”.

Those Believers who are described as “good” are those from whom khayr / good is expected and from whom people feel safe in every way, while the “bad / evil” are those from whom there is no hope of any good and there is fear of his evil.

Explaining further Shaykh says that no mention is made of abundant worship i.e. salaat, hajj, ‘umrah, thikr etc. Simply because a person performs abundant worship, it does not automatically mean people can expect good from him and are safe from his evil. This will only apply if the person is practicing the complete Deen which includes dealings, fulfilling rights and adopting beautiful characteristics, in other words, a person who is a “Kaamil Mu’min-Perfect Believer”. On being asked about such a person people will immediately vouch for his honesty and good character while on being asked about a person of “shar” people will give warnings of his untrustworthiness and evil traits.

Therefore the “good” amongst us are those from whom people feel safe and nothing but good is expected of them. The attitude should be one of “if I suffer loss or hardship its ok but others should not be harmed or hurt by me in any way”, however today, except for a small minority, generally the attitude is “the whole world can suffer loss, hardship etc. as long as I am ok”. This attitude is the cause of the humiliation of the Muslims and the bad image of Islam. May Allah include us amongst the people of Khayr.

Shaykh advices that we should take out a few minutes before retiring at night to assess if, after performing abundant worship which is good, we were of those who benefited others or those who hurt and harmed others.
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