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27th May 2009

Shaykh Ashraf Ali Thanwi r.a. said:

“If one neither acts upon what one knows, nor tries to understand it properly, then one’s knowledge is no better than ignorance”

“To be proud of a blessing is pride, but to consider it a gift from Allah and keep in mind your incompetence is thankfulness”

Shaykh Maseehullah Khan Saheb r.a. said:

“Solitude is achieved by the heart, not from sitting alone.
The body could be with everybody, whilst the heart is with The One”

“To attain love, seeing the beloved is not necessary.
Yes, constant remembrance is necessary”


Shaykh Haji Faruq Saheb r.a. said:

“Ham naaqis hein. Naaqis kaa shukr bhi naaqis hein.
Is naaqis shukr par istighfaar karnaa chaahiye”
We are imperfect. This means that our shukr will also be imperfect.
On this imperfect shukr we should offer repentance

“Maangne waale mahroom nahin hote awr darne waale ki hifaazat hoti hein”
Those who ask will not remain deprived, and those who fear will be protected

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