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Oh Makkah!Oh Madeenah!

24th January 2011

Tears roll down my cheeks as once again my eyes set upon your picture
Paper and ink do no justice to you of that I am sure
But what can I do when I am not blessed with seeing you in person?
Any way I can see you will remain beloved to me

Oh Makkah! Oh Madeenah!

When will the time come when I may visit you?
When will the invitation finally reach me?
When will I be able to touch the land upon which my Beloved Rasul received his message?
When will I be able to feel the breeze of the land where my Beloved Rasul received sanctuary?

I close my eyes and imagine I am standing by the Multazim
Arms reaching up
As I beg for forgiveness

But it is simply a dream

I close my eyes and imagine I am standing by my Beloved Rasul ’s grave
Sobs wracking my chest
As I send forth my peace and salutations

But it is simply a dream

Oh Makkah! Oh Madeenah!

If it is my destiny, I will surely come and meet you one day.
But if it is not, then at least bear witness on that day
The day when all shall be in despair

Bear witness that the love I had for you was real
And that there was no place else I would have rather been by than
the Ka’bah of Allah
and the Resting place of His Beloved.

by Sudoku (sunniforum)
posted by ummi taalib on 24th January 2011 - 0 comments


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