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Soothing a crying baby

9th March 2009
Every Parent has been there, Your baby is crying, you have no clue how to soothe her, and you'd give anything to have someone tell you how to stop it. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to calm your baby and make both of you feel better. Here are a few things that can help soothe a crying baby.

1. The one that worked majority of the times for my baby was playing some calm recitation of the Qur'aan. She would just listen to it and eventually fall asleep but she would almost always stop crying. In my case, Surah Dukhaan by Shaykh Ibrahim al-Jibreen. Also noting, I listened to this recitation many times during pregnancy.

2. Divert their attention to something outside the window or herself in the mirror or a new toy. they might just forget about their cranky mood.

3. Taking off her clothes and giving her a massage with baby oil.
Touch stimulates receptors in the brain that calm your baby, and research shows that long, smooth strokes tend to work better than short, brisk ones. Try caressing your infant's cheek, back, legs, or stomach.

4. The baby might be fussy because he/she misses 'the first home'.
Turn on the vacuum cleaner or hair dryer or create other white noise. (The inside of the womb sounds like a constant pulsing whoosh).
Give him a pacifier or something to suck on.
Swaddle him snugly in a blanket.

5. Talk to the baby. The familiar voices of the mother and father is one of the most effective soothers for babies. Father's can try and read a Nazam or Nasheed to his baby. Don't worry if you don't sound like Zain Bhikha or Kamal Uddin, to your baby its the familiar voice of the father that may help calm the baby.

6. Give your baby a warm bath. The sound of the running water and the warmth on the skin can do wonders.

7. Take a drive. This one wasn't too helpful for us as our little one would cry the moment the car would stop at the end of the road or at a red light. But no two babies are the same. What might excite one might upset another or what might frighten one might overwhelm another.

8. Keep your cool. NEVER shake your baby or shout. If you get frustrated, your infant might pick up on that tension and react let alone any physical damages it may cause.
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Shaheda wrote on 28 Mar 2009
Jazakillahu khairun for the beautiful blog.
May Allah bless us all with the gift of motherhood, and enable us to fulfil our immense duty thereafter. Aameen.
No person can know love like a mother does!
busymommy wrote on 14 Mar 2011
Recreating sound of the womb seem to work like a dream. We use a sound machine set on ocean waves. A baby is used to the sound of water in the womb. I enjoy listening to the sound over the baby monitor too. We travel a lot and a friend gave me a Sleepy Bee for a gift. ( What a help to insure naps!
Blogger's Reply:
You can find many sounds on the internet too. They're called white noise. We used the sound of a hair dryer which would always calm my baby girl whenever she was a little restless and would put her to sleep.
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