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Crying Baby

9th March 2009
Babies cry. That's a fact of life. How much we let them cry, that's a fact of parenting, and it's easily one of the most confusing, emotional and even disruptive times.
One parent may insist that the baby is in need of something whilst another may argue that if you're always at the baby's every call the baby will adapt to that which will make life difficult.

The advise from child development specialists is to to respond to a crying baby as quickly as possible especially if it is under 3 months old but including up to 6 months old.

As a new parent you may get very frustrated to find that your little baby cries the moment she is put down. Many newborn babies will be like this for the first couple of months which will make it very difficult for the mother to get anything including household chores done especially if the mother has no other help.

The baby has been attached to the mother for 9 months feeling safe and secure in the warmth of her womb. Babies are bound to take a little time to adapt to the new world outside of the womb. This is why some babies will want to be held close all the time because they want to feel safe. Babies do not stay babies forever.

I know it is hard when your baby is little, but babies don't cry without any reason, If he/she could talk and ask you to cuddle him/her you wouldn't refuse would you?
The cries of a baby is their way of asking you because it's the only way they know how to communicate

Time passes by very quickly and soon your baby will grow out of it. Then there will be times where you will want to cuddle your child while he sleeps but maybe then your little one will not want that.

So give your little babies their time to cuddle and feel safe whilst we make the most of the time feeling wanted and needed because, believe me, they will grow up very fast.
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