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Baby Blues

9th February 2009

* The commonest and mildest form of mood disturbance following childbirth.

* Experienced by half to two-thirds of all mothers - in other words it is normal for this to occur.

* Involves a period of a few days when mothers experience spells of irritability, feeling gloomy and episodes of crying.

* It is more common in mothers who have given birth for the first time and in those who have experienced problems with pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS or PMT).

* It is probably caused by the large and rapid changes in female hormone levels following childbirth.

* 'Baby blues' tends to sort itself out and usually does not require any specific treatment other than reassurance that what the mother is experiencing is normal.

Reading the above points will make one realise what a new mother may experience in the the first few days after having a baby. During this period the mother needs help and support especially from the father of the child so that she doesn't feel like she's alone in looking after the newborn baby.
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