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Newborn Baby

27th January 2009
[centre]When I saw her for the first time
My heart unleashed a wave of emotion
Alhamdulillah she was mine...

Early days

Although you’ve carried your baby in the womb for 9 months, meeting and handling your new baby can feel anything but natural.

For first time parents, looking after a newborn baby will be very blissful as well as make them feel overwhelmed, nervous, confused and maybe slightly terrified.

We, however have got it rather simple as the internet has most, if not all the answers to our questions.

Whenever I've been uncertain about anything I usually search for my answer on online and most of the time I've been successful.

At the time that my first child was born I had no idea about how to care for a newborn baby. The first time I changed my baby I actually asked a midwife to see if I was doing it correctly. That has been the case with many other new mums so it is absolutely natural to be scared and unsure.
However, I did feel that it only took a few changes for it to feel normal and habitual. When Allah makes one a mother He also gives them the ability to do all activities that are required in motherhood with ease.

The first few days are difficult for many reasons but having patience Insha Allah helps those days pass by quicker.

When a woman gives birth to a baby she will be in pain for many days and needs time to rest and recover especially because the mother will be having sleepless nights. For the new mother going back to a full house with friends and relatives waiting to see the new baby, doesn't really help.
Friends and relatives may assume that their presence will be greatly appreciated by the new mother but it would be best not to go according to assumptions and ask before turning up.
In my opinion it would be better to wait until the new mum is well enough to have guests around or to pay a quick visit after a call asking if it is ok to come around.

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