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Early Stages - Important

6th October 2008
Bismihi Ta'aala,

Everyone is mostly aware of the saying that the first school is the mother's lap. This clearly accepted and indicating to the fact the baby is influenced by what the mother influences the child with while still suckling.

The early stages of a baby is the most influencial time. Every baby is born on nature (Islam), then the parents make them Christian or Jew (Al-Hadeeth). The process of parents turning their children into Christians or Jews is not a ritual, a special binding spell or any other physical actions, it is merely the influence of the parents on the child at the early stages. What the baby hears, sees and is told.

The stage of development in a baby is hearing, seeing and then understanding. What they hear and see first is the first step to their upbringing. When a baby is born, the Azhaan is read in their ear (hearing first).

Do we now need to be told how we Muslims are also pushing our children towards Haraam from the early stages?

1: The hearing stage: We play melodious tunes to them from toys. We justify it by telling ourselves that “they’re only a baby” or “they won’t be quiet any other way” or worse, “that’s the only thing that puts them to sleep”

So the last thing before sleep a baby hears is not Allah’s name, not the words of Qur’aan but music. How could this possibly be far from soon using Haraam ingredients in food with the reason “they won’t eat anything else” or is really coz it’s cheaper maybe? One step always leads to a bigger step be it in any direction.

2: The seeing stage. Pictures and animations are Haraam. Yet, we buy baby clothes with nothing but animated objects on them. Does this not influence in any way? We often fault why children are not the same as they used to be when we were small. We were away from Haraam or at least more away from Haraam than now.

Worse is the fact that if we get these clothes, we don’t tell who gives them that it’s Haraam. We pack them up and give it to another unfortunate baby whose parents will use the clothes.

3: The understanding age: When they understand, they copy. Parents sometimes use foul filthy language in front of their children thinking what would they understand anyway? I have personally heard a 3 year old tell his mum to “**** off” when she was asking him to put something away. Who to blame? The TV? Shaytaan? We all know who used the language in order for the children to pick it up.

As a conclusion, do not deem Haraam to be Halaal just because a child is in early stages. In fact, it is more dangerous to indulge a child in Haraam as they will adapt to it.

For the sake of Islam in the future, please protect our children from Haraam.

Wa Maa Tawfeeq Illa Billah
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