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all blog posts are deleted? Why, because one member wants it so?

13th April 2014
And can somebody tell me where all my blog entries are now?

I never deleted any of my post neither have been informed that they are deleted or that any actions took more will take place as such , but in the last comment of brother yaseen..

Kind treatment here.

And for what reason should the blog entries be removed and flagged ?
An explanation please?
posted by thehousewife on 13th April 2014 - 1 comment


Yasin wrote on 13 Apr 2014
Please refer to my previous comment. Both reasons are in there. Once you have updated your posts you can let me know and they'll be restored.

Your posts are not deleted. They are flagged.

They should be available in "Manage My Blog". If you don't see them then please let me know
Blogger's Reply:
Asaslaamu alykum.
No problem. But nothing is available and it only says they have been reported and cant be displayed..
Reported for what?

Anyway.May Allah Ta'ala reward you.

May Allah Ta'alas have Mercy on you and us all and guide us all.
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