Author: Mahd-ul-Huda | Published: August 02, 2011
The Closing of a Chapter A brief biography of Moulana Yunus Patel rahimahullah From various sources including Jamiat Fordsburg, Darul Ihsan, Darul Iftaa (Mufti E Desai), etc. The passing away of Hazrat Moulana Yunus Patel rahimahullah in the precincts of the Ka’...
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Author: Seifeddine-M | Published: August 03, 2012
Sayyiduna Ibn 'Abbaas رضي الله عنهما narrated that he was once riding behind the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم on a ...
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Author: bint Mohammed | Published: October 24, 2012
"Recitation of Durood Shareef (Sallalahu alayhi wa sallam) gives: coolness to the soul relaxes heart muscles, relaxes spinal nerves, cools head and clears the eyes - Read Durood Shareef in excess - in 1000s - the perfume of Madinah flows in every organ of...
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