Author: muslimah101 | Published: December 25, 2010
*Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziyyah has listed ten things we waste. how right he is. (May Allah ta'ala bless his soul )* *1. Our Knowledge* . Wasted by not taking action with it. 2. *Our Actions: * Wasted by committing them with out sincerity. *3. Our Wealth:*
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Author: abu mohammed | Published: May 01, 2011
Hadrat Abdullah bin Mas'ud radiallahu anhu says that if the people of knowledge valued knowledge and placed it in the right hands (i.e. passed it on to those who have the capability of acquiring it and becoming leaders. To teach that which is compulsory, is necessary on ever...
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Author: muslimah101 | Published: September 01, 2011
[size=5]جو کهیلوں میں تو نے لڑکپن &#...
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Author: Muslimah50 | Published: March 26, 2013
32% of breads, 24% of vegetable, 24% of potatoes, 20% of fruits, and 17% of cereals are wasted in the UK 1. This is a lot of food being wasted and not the way of good Muslims. The prophet of Allah (peace be upon him) used to place a mat, pick every morsel of food that fel...
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