Author: Mahd-ul-Huda | Published: September 20, 2008
[b]‘As-Siraatul-Mustaqeem’ is a straight path with no sign of crookedness. It is the clear path of Islam which is like a highway among hundreds of streets; the creed that is moderate, free of...
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Author: sweetmuslimahk1 | Published: March 08, 2011
[color=#40FF00] I hang above you waiting for my call watch you when you are up watch you when you fall. I stand there in the corner with my black eyes into you. I stay well out of wa...
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Author: sweetmuslimahk1 | Published: March 07, 2012
True friends are not those who tell us what we ‘want’ to hear but rather what we ‘need’ to hear. Friends are responsible to ensure that the friendship results in the improvement of both sides spiritually as well as in other ways. Those who fear hurting us if the truth is...
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Author: Seifeddine-M | Published: October 14, 2015

Allaah سبحانه و تعالى says, 

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