Author: Mahd-ul-Huda | Published: December 01, 2008
All night, a man called “Allah” Until his lips were bleeding. Then the Devil said, “Hey! Mr Gullible! How comes you’ve been calling all night and never once heard Allah say, “Here, I am"? ...
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Author: 2ak | Published: February 07, 2013
[color=#BF0080]" O my heart! Do not become discouraged easily. Have faith. In the hidden world there are many wonders. Even if the Whole Planet threatens your life, do not let go of the beloveds robe, for even a breath." (Moulana Jalaluddin Rumi)[/b]
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Author: 2ak | Published: February 19, 2013
Don't grieve, anything you lose comes around in another form...
(moulana rumi)
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Author: Coloratura | Published: February 22, 2014
I’m personally very grateful that the Western have dug and translated Rumi’s works and extract the wisdom of this waliullah. So much that in 2007, UNESCO established it as “International Rumi year”. UNESCO honored him as “one of the great humanists, philosophers and poe...
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Author: ummi taalib | Published: February 25, 2018
Maulana Rumi (R.A.) says: "It is completely useless to swim about in the sea of Reason and intellect. There is need for the ship of Nabi Nooh (A.S.) - i.e. The help of the friends of Allah. Look how...
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