Author: habeeba | Published: October 03, 2020
Hadhrat Abdullaah bin Zubayr (R.A) says, "During the Battle of Khandaq, myself and Umar bin Abu Salama(R.A) were put with the women and children in a fortress (because we were both very young). He would bend over for me to get on to his back so that I could watch (the...
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Author: habeeba | Published: October 05, 2020
At the beginning of the year 70 AH Makkah was surrounded by Hajjajs' Army. They had laid siege to Makkah for approximately one and a half years. Bay'ah was being given to Abdullah ibn Zubair(R.A) so he went to his mother Asma (radiallahu anha). At the time she was over 100 y...
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