Author: abu mohammed | Published: January 28, 2011
It is forbidden to use any name which belongs only to Allaah, such as al-Khaaliq (the Creator) and al-Quddoos (the Most Holy), or names which do not befit any except Allaah, such as Malik al-Mulook (King of Kings). This is the consensus of the fuqaha’. Ibn al-Qayyim said...
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Author: Seifeddine-M | Published: February 11, 2011

It is not permissible for a Muslim to celebrate any of the festivals of the kuffaar. Valentines Day is an innovated festival for which there is no basis in Islam. The clear evidence of the Qur’aan and Sunnah – and the consensus of the early generations of t...

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Author: Mahd-ul-Huda | Published: September 28, 2011
[colour=lightpink]If you love me, don’t confess your love to me, this won’t please me and will keep me away! Love words don’t attract me. If you love me, wait for me and I will knock on your door in the right time. Don’t give me privileges which I don’t deserve....
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