Author: ummi taalib | Published: June 12, 2010
Exactly whom do we dress for? Ask any woman who dresses up before leaving home who she has dressed up for. Her answer will be, “for myself of course”. The question is, are we being honest with ourselves? Have we searched deep within our hearts to ascertain the trut...
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Author: muslimah101 | Published: February 23, 2011
[b]My Hijaab![/center] [color=red]You look at me and call me oppressed, Simply because of the way I'm dressed, You know me not for what's inside, You judge the clothing I wear with pride, My body's not for your eyes to hold, You must speak to my mind, not my femin...
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Author: abu mohammed | Published: September 13, 2011
THE STYLE OF RASULULLAHÂ’S GARMENT By Mujlisul Ulama of South Africa When a modernist Muslim criticizes the dress style and appearance of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and the Sahaabah, we in this age in which kufr preponderates, are not surprised. Immersed...
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Author: Mahd-ul-Huda | Published: September 24, 2011
[colour=lightblue]The greatest illusion of dress, Deception at its very best, Clothing so tight its completely revealing, Defeating the purpose of concealing. The man seems to be proud, Standing next to the woman, so bold and loud. Her body is there for everyone to ...
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