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The boy who had started reading salaah (made up)

9th January 2011
The boy who had started reading salaah

The boy who had started reading Salaah

Once upon a time there was a boy called Ibrahim, he was 8 yrs old and used to go to a mosque called ‘jumaadah masjid’. In that masjid they never read salaah or say anything about salaah otherwise if you do you’ll have time out for like 5-10 minutes. Suddenly at the end of the session Ibrahim’s mum came and had a chat with the head of the mosque about Ibrahim’s studies at the mosque. So to the head she commented to the head that “
Why isn’t Ibrahim being taught about salaah because a hadith the prophet Muhammad (saw) had said that a child shall be taught to read salaah at the age of seven and by the age of ten that child shall be reading salaah otherwise their parents have the right to NOT let them sleep also they CAN hit them if necessary and my child is over seven and shall be taught and I know that because everyday I ask Ibrahim what do first after your niyyah?
And I give him four options
1. Salaam 2. Surah faatihah
3. Tashahudd 4.wudhu

He says what is tashahudd, salaam, surah faatihah, wudhu I don’t know
And he says that everyday and I’m getting sick of that so please teach him that.”
The manager replied “I’m really sorry but NO.”
Ibrahim’s mum got really shocked so she tried to tolerate it and said “ok please can you get the registration booklet and cross Ibrahim’s name off because he is leaving and going to go to another mosque.”
So the manager crossed his name and Ibrahim moved. So Ibrahim went to idarah mosque
And his mum was really happy because in that mosque they were respectful; polite also had teached hadiths, Islamic stories, and surahs also SALAAH.
2 years had passed and Ibrahim was eleven also he knew every single thing about salaah for example the order in salaah, rules etc
And finally Ibrahim went to a boy madrassah in Bolton and studied more about Islam
Also 5 years and passed he became an aalim.

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