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Taraweeh Salaah – Night 20

20th August 2011
Taraweeh Salaah – Night 20

By Sheikh Abdul Hamid Lachporia – Canada

In the Name of Almighty Allah Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Tonight’s Tarawee consists of Faman Adhlamoo (JUZ 24) and the Surahs to be covered are as follows: The remaining half of Surah Al Zumar, the whole of Surah Al Mu’min (The Believer) or (Ghafir – Forgiver) and the first section of Surah Fussilat or Ha Mim.

What distance separates the man whose heart is melted by the Message of Allah and enlightened by His Light, and let him who rejects Revelation! Allah teaches men by Parables. Straight is His Word and clear. Any doubts in the minds of men will be resolved after Death. Even now AllahÂ’s Signs are enough. No other can guide. Death and his twin brother sleep, are in the hands of Allah; to Him is our Goal. He Alone will judge in the end. His Will is all-in-all. No other thing can be of any account before His Law. But no soul need be in despair because of its sin. AllahÂ’s Forgiveness and Mercy are Unbounded. Turn to Allah in repentance now, for at Judgement it will be too late. Unity in worship and life is commanded by Allah. Go not astray. When Judgement comes, it will be a new World. In perfect justice will the followers of Evil be sorted out from the Good. And the righteous will rejoice, singing Praises to Allah with the Angels on high.

This Surah is called Ghafir (Forgiver). It is also called Al MuÂ’min (The Believer) from the story of the individual Believer among the people of FirÂ’aun, who declares his faith and looks to the future. Here it is about the IndividualÂ’s witness to Faith and Virtue, and his triumph in the End. As to the precise meaning Ha Mim no authoritative explanation is available . If Mim here has a signification similar to Mim in Alif, Lam, Mim, it means the End of Things, the Last Day, and all these SurahÂ’s direct our special attention to the Ha, the emphatic guttural. in contrast with the softer breathing of Alif, may be meant to suggest that the Beginning is only for the End, the Present for the Future, and to emphasize the eschatological element in Faith. But this is mere conjecture, and should be taken for no more than it is worth.

Summary: – Faith is ever justified, for Allah forgives. Evil deeds must have Evil fruits for Allah knows and is Just. In all history Evil came to Evil; the protest of Faith, in the midst of Evil, may be ignored; but Faith is protected by Allah while Evil perishes. No doubt is there of the Future Judgement; the Power, Goodness, and Justice of Allah are manifest. Will man dispute or will he accept the Signs before it is too late? Travel in space and time, and you will see that Evil came to nothing but evil. Mighty men of old in arrogance plotted against Allah’s Truth, but were brought low. A humble believer in Fir’aun’s Court stood up for Truth, and counselled his People to obey the Right: In earnest humility did he address them. They heard him not. But he was saved, and they were engulfed in the Wrath of Allah. The keys of Life and Death are in the hands of Allah. Dispute not the Signs of Allah, but learn from History and the world around you. Science and skill avail you not if the soul is dead.

To prevent confusion with other Surahs of the Ha Mim Series, the word Sajdah is sometimes added to the title, making it Ha Mim al Sajdah, the title being necessary as there is another Surah called Al Sajdah. To avoid the double title it is sometimes called Fussilat, from the occurrence of the word in verse 3. For this particular Surah the theme is that the basis of Faith and Revelation is AllahÂ’s Power and Goodness, and the fruit of both is manÂ’s righteousness and healing.

Summary: – What is Revelation and Faith, and what is man’s attitude to both, and what are its consequences? Revelation explains, and makes things clear. It gives the message of hope and mercy, and it warns men against the snares of Evil. Do not deny Allah, the Lord of the World’s, Whose Glory and power are shown in Creation, and His Mercy in Revelation. Learn from the fate of the peoples of old! Learn from the warnings of our own nature. Your very limbs and faculties, if misused, bear witness against you. Repent before it is too late. The best of men is the man of faith, who calls all men to share his Faith. Knowledge belongs to Allah, but Falsehood deprives man of hope, humility, and clear sight, and drives him to hypocrisy. So turn to Truth, and live.


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